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Association law of July 1, 1901 - Recognized by D.D.J.S - Affiliated F.F.K.A.M.A

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Its Coordinates

Its Objectives


Law 1901 




Its Coordinates
Kung Fu bompas
Registered office: 16, rue Aristide MAILLOL    66430 Bompas - FRANCE
Postal Address: 16, rue Pablo CASALS    66430 Bompas - FRANCE
Electronic Mail (E_mail):




Its Objectives
 The Kung Fu bompas wants to make you discover the Kung Fu Wu Shu (Chinese sport). But beyond this simple discovery,the association was created, and continues to function, in optics to make this sport accessible to EVERYONE  Its principal means to arrive at this finality are:


          Although the legal minimum age of the youngest members (legislation and regulation)  is lower than 8 years, the Kung Fu bompas, to respect the children physiology and the children growth, accept them  only if they are at least 8 years old.
Moreover the concentration and the discipline that requires the Kung-Fu Wu Shu practice, are not easily possible with younger children. .

           In spite of contributions relatively low, the Kung Fu bompas  takes part in national competitions.  It does not hesitate to send its athletes (having  good results at the regional level) to France Open (Paris) for young people, or to France Championship (Paris) for the adults, for example.
          If the distance of the competition places  is a handicap, it does not have to prohibit or slow down the competition pleasure  for the club members.
For the most distant displacements, a participation in transport (generally by plane) is requested from the member or his family. Arrived at destination, lodging and food are paid by  the
Kung Fu bompas.





       The training proceeds in the "Salle Omnisport" (sport room) located at the 16, street Aristide Maillol 66430 Bompas.  This room is gracefully lent to Kung Fu bompas  by the Town hall of Bompas.

         The lessons (technical and fights) are given by our professors:



The Law 1901
The Kung Fu bompas is an association with non-lucrative objective (no benefit ) in reference to the French law of July 1, 1901.

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