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Bompas Village:

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The "Cargolade"

Associations and Feast

"Échos de Bompas"


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Situation and Economy



         Bompas is a French village of the area Languedoc Roussillon, in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, at five kilometers beside Perpignan and ten kilometers of the Mediterranean, in the Salanque plain.

          The town hall, the church, the post office, the "Mas Pams"( an old masonry which was restored in restaurant for the elderly ,schools pupils dining room, exposures,  football ground and Rugby ground, athletics stadium) or the village hall are located in the old village. Around this old village, are built residential districts made up mainly of individual villas.  There are near 7000 people in Bompas. This  "Catalan" small market town has an economic activity based primarily on the agriculture, the horticulture, the vine growing (Muscat of Rivesaltes, and other sweet wines natural), the market gardening and the craft industry. An artisanal area is being built on the left bank of the "Têt" (river that throw in the Mediterranean), this is "Le Carrefour Économique de la Salanque"(The Economic Crossroads of the Salanque plain).


Associations, Festivals and Ceremonies

          Wanting to be a dynamic village, there are many Bompas associations  (52
in January 2000), gathered within the "COB" (Sporting Committee of Bompas). The "Kung Fu bompas" association  is a part of the "COB". There are also festivals and ceremonies, during the year:



          We let you choose between these two explanations, but we can guarantee to you that nowadays your life will not be threatened neither by the floods, nor by the armed robbery.

The Kung Fu bompas, in the name of all Bompas people, invites you to discover
its village, by ensuring you of a cordial and sincere reception.


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